Simple Beach Days

Emily DaFoe

Is there anything better than a day at the beach? Running around carelessly, effortlessly, and just feeling free? Now that there are kids in tow, it’s even more fun to see the excitement on their faces when they discover creatures in the sand, cool sticks that they can play with, build giant sand castles, or just splash in the surf.

While there is no recipe for a fun-filled beach day, here are a few things we like to do with the kiddos that get their creative minds going and ignite imaginary play.



  • Find some large sticks and bury them into the sand to create a fortress. We chose to bring some electric firth lights to string around the edges along with some muslin cloth go make it more fun.

  • Once the sticks are dug down deep, string the fairy lights and muslin around them. This is especially cute when the sun sets and the bonfire starts!

  • We threw a beach blanket in the fort so the kiddos could sit and have snacks and dinner, while they played and dreamed up a new world!


  • As we know, kids are ALWAYS hungry! Prepare ahead of time for some easy beach snacks. We love watermelon, popcorn, throwing some hot dogs on the fire, and of course, roasting marshmallows. Whatever you do, just keep it simple and light so you don’t have to shlep a bunch of heavy stuff back and forth. As always, use caution when building your beach bonfire, and make sure it’s allowed at your beach.



It’s light, refreshing, and the kiddos love it! It’s also easy to rise off if it gets covered in sand!


If you are a fan of Jiffy Pop like we are, grab some of the old school camping popcorn and put it right on the fire. The kids will think it’s so cool to watch the foil come to life, and who doesn’t like buttery popcorn?


We opted for hotdogs today so we picked up organic dogs, fresh buns and only offered ketchup! Keep it simple mamas!


The cherry on top of any beach bonfire is roasting marshmallows! Even the mom’s couldn’t help but get in there and have some tasty sweet treats.



  • A fun summer activity is making driftwood wall hangings or painted art. Today, we opted to pick up some beautiful pieces of driftwood to make a fun wall hanging for the kids room. To check out how to make one, click here!


  • If you are lucky enough to find some cool seashells, use it as the perfect opportunity to create art. If it’s one amazing shell, put it on a little leather rope and make it a necklace. If you have too many to part with, keep them and add them to your driftwood wall hanging, or make a shell mobile for your kids wall. Add the year so they remember which summer it was. When it gets closer to the holidays, they could be cute ornaments too!