Driftwood Wall Hanging

Emily DaFoe

With beach days in full effect this summer, it’s fun to get the kiddos engaged in a little beach activity and craft. Because I love to design and create art, I thought it would be really fun for us to make driftwood wall hangings from what we found on the beach. I have to admit, I was very impressed with the outcome.

While this project might be a bit easier for older kiddos, Waylon had a huge hand in our design. In the end, I put it together, but he wrapped the wood and told me how he wanted it to look. Perhaps we have another designer in the house.


  • Driftwood - however big you would like to make your hanging - we got about 8 pieces.

  • Kitchen Twine of Yarn

  • Fishing Line or transparent jewelry line

  • Scissors

  • Anything decorative you want to add - shells, paint, feathers, etc.




Decorate your driftwood however you want. You can paint it, glue on shells or add pom-poms. We wrapped ours with kitchen twine.


Lay out your pieces to see how it looks and cut the fishing line in the length of distance you want between each row.


Attach the line so each piece is connected. Because we used twine, I tied the fishing line on the back of the twine to keep it connected. You could add little screws if you want, or if you have a small drill, you could make tiny holes to connect the pieces. Again, the options are endless.


Once everything is put together, tie string on the outsides of the top piece to create the hook and hang your new piece of art!

For a little more inspiration, head over to Pinterest to get some fun ideas.

These make great pieces for the kids room, amazing activities, and wonderful gifts.