Beach Day Treasure Hunt

Emily DaFoe

“My GOLD FEVER started at an early age… For my 10th birthday my mom packed the 4 of us kids into the Toyota and took us deep into the Western Australian outback where the rich red dirt went as far as the eye could see. We were armed with metal detectors, and water bottles, and we trudged through the desert searching for gold. We found specs here and there, but the anticipation and the joy from excitement of the hunt, that was the real prize, the real jackpot.” - Alana Clumeck

This simple treasure hunt does not have to be limited to the beach. Set it up on grass, in your backyard, or by the beach at a lake. Who knows, GOLD FEVER might just kick in and you and your children will spend the afternoon blissfully hunting for treasure!




Metal Detector: $33

The rest you can find at home!



Mark out a square or rectangular area in the sand. My area was approximately 12 x 12ft 


Count out your coins (so you know how many you are looking for) and scatter your coins within the marked area.


Guild your kid(s) to methodically sweep the area with the metal detector. When it beeps use the spade and sieve to find your GOLD! 


- If you kids find it hard taking turns, it might be best to mark off two separate areas.

  • I used a metal bucket and spade, to reduce confusion from the metal detector, I recommend using a plastic bucket and spade. 

  • To make the hunt ‘X’tra exciting. I put an ‘X” on 2 of the coins with a special reward for whomever found the marked coin. 

  • When you think you have finished, don’t forget to recount your coins to ensure no litter is left at the beach! If you still have some to find, keep hunting!