Backyard Campout

Emily DaFoe

Do you remember how exciting it was to sleep outside when you were little? We used to take sleeping bags or even sometimes our mattress and throw them in the lawn and just drift to sleep under a thick blanket of stars listening to the crickets sing!

Before Summer vacation came to a close, we wanted to give the kiddos one last camping experience. Since we didn’t have a chance to take off to a proper camp ground, we popping a tent in the backyard!


While this activity can be created in several ways, we opted to pop a huge tent, add a couple of air mattresses (because it is way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground) and threw on some fairy lights for a bit of light in case the kiddos woke up in the middle of the night.

To make this experience a little more authentic, we cooked breakfast outside on our makeshift fire rather than in the kitchen. The smell of the wood smoke mixed with bacon and fresh ranch eggs was pretty awesome and the kids loved it.