Outdoor Water Fight!

Emily DaFoe

We are nearing the end of summer vacation, and my kids are getting a little bored of the same summer activities; beach, pool, park are on repeat! It is time to get creative and break out some of the old summer backyard water activities. 

Nothing beats a refreshing, fulfilled backyard water fight! Top it off with some popsicles and fresh-cut watermelon, and it has SUMMER FUN written all over it.


  • Water Balloons

  • Slip and slide

  • Water pistols 

  • Buckets

  • Sprinkler

  • Super Soaker

Check out the list below for some more summer water activities. They will not disappoint!


1: Swap out baseballs for water balloons and take the backyard hitting practice to the next level.

(source here )

2: Make a fill-the-bucket water relay by drilling holes in small cups and have your kids balance them on their heads. Divide children into two teams.  Each team starts standing on either side of the large container full of water.  Place the small buckets a short distance away.  On the go, the children must fill their cups with water, place it on their heads and run to their team bucket on the other side (attempting to keep as much water in the cup).  Once they reach their bucket, they dump what's left in the cup into the bucket, run back to the starting line, and pass the cup off to the next person.

3: Make an easy water slide using a tarp, a hose, and shampoo. It is that easy. 

4: Swap out a piñata for water balloons for a game that will cool you down. ( source here )

5: Transform "Duck, duck, goose" into "Drip, drip, drench" by tagging players with a soaked sponge.

6: Get up a sidewalk racetrack and propel toy cars with squirt guns.

7: Target Practice: Cut a hole in some pop bottles and strap them your heads. Divide into two groups and have a round of target practice with water guns. Endless hours of fun and also a great way to get soaked.  (source here)

8: Outdoor Water Bed: I wish my parents had done something like this when I was a kid. This is a great DIY idea to have fun and keep cool during the warmer months, and the kids will have a blast. (source here)