Sushi Date

Emily DaFoe

I’m very lucky to have a good eater! He will literally try everything - including fresh sea urchin - and it happens to be one of my proudest parenting feats. While everyone tells me that it will change, and it might, I have never given him options, he eats what I make the adults for dinner, I rarely made special meals just for him, and that works for our family. While there are a few exceptions of things he’s never been interested in - tofu. and I can’t blame him - he will hammer down just about everything else and loves salad!

One of our go-to snacks or light dinner options are sushi rolls. We love sushi in our house and it’s an easy treat I can whip up in minutes. Everyone is happy!



  • Sushi Making Kit

  • Nori paper

  • Rice - brown, white, or cauliflower ( though it doesn’t hold together as well. )

  • Veggies - any you want to add - slice them thinly.

  • Protein - any fish or chicken if you desire.

Step 1:

Cook your rice and set aside. I have used white rice, brown rice, and cauliflower rice. They are all great but the cauliflower doesn’t hold up as well.

Step 2:

Slice up cucumber, avocado, cabbage, and carrots into very thin strips. You can add any protein you would like also. We have made chicken rolls, cooked salmon rolls, and strictly veggies.

Step 3:

Remove all of the nori from the package and spread it out on your counter. Evenly place a scoop of rice on each sheet and spread you desired veggies along the edge of the rice.

Step 4:

Use your sushi bamboo mat to gently roll your sushi into a tight roll. Use a little water at the end to bind the nori to make it stick.

Step 5:

Take your sharpest knife and slice your rolls. Mine always look a little dodgy at the ends but they still taste delicious.

These are great to add to school lunch, take to the part, serve as an app for play dates, or just make it for dinner!