Ranch Picnic

Emily DaFoe

It’s safe to say we are very lucky to have friends with horses. We are also really lucky to have really mild weather year around to have outdoor meals with our kids.

Because we all know that kids are best when they are outside playing in nature, we pack up sandwiches and retreat to our friends ranch for a play date where they can run free and enjoy exploring.


Roasted Chicken Sandwiches


  • Fresh bread

  • Roasted Turkey or Chicken

  • Cheddar cheese slices

  • Lettuce

  • Dijon mustard

Make the sandwich using the above ingredients and set aside, Cut a paper bag into thin strips and use kitchen twine or yarn to tie around the paper to keep it closed.

Cucumber and Fig Salad


  • Cucumber - 2 peeled and sliced

  • 3 Sliced fresh figs

  • 2 springs fresh dill

  • Crumbled Goat Cheese to top.

  • Balsamic Vinegar - or a light dressing

Once you have sliced the figs and cucumbers, place them in a bowl together and sprinkle the dill and a few tablespoons of crumbled goat cheese. If you like, drizzle balsamic vinegar on the top, or just a little olive oil.


Photos by Brittnay Taylor