Upcycled Backpack!

Emily DaFoe

We are very mindful in our household about recycling and consuming less. I recall as a kid, the excitement and anticipation of heading into the new school year with a new set of school items, and shiny new shoes. I still want my kids to head into the school year with the same enthusiasm, so they will no doubt get a few new school items. However, we also decided to up-cycle some of last year's items and give them a little facelift. 

Instead of buying new backpacks for the kids this year, we talked to them about what would happen if every kid discarded their bags each year and where their old bags would end up - in a landfill that pollutes the environment. So we mutually decided to redecorate their old backpacks and give them a new lease on life. And I must say - the kids were very proud of the outcome.


  • Backpack

  • Glue Gun & Glue

  • Tassels (pom poms, beads, ribbon)

  • Fabric

  • Iron-on patches

  • Iron



Approx $5 




There are so many ways you can decorate a backpack. We used beaded ribbon and hot glued it around the edges of the backpack. We then cut out my daughter's name in fabric and glued her name to the bag. We then sewed around the edges to secure her name firmly to the backpack. Afterward (with supervision), we strategically placed iron-on patches around her backpack and ironed them in place. 

Have fun with it, give your child creative direction and allow them to take ownership of their masterpiece.