Mess Free Stress Balls

Emily DaFoe

You might not think of stress balls as a kid thing, but let me tell you, they are. 

These super cool squishy balls are perfect for fidgeters, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety, and probably every child we know. They stretch, they squeeze, they are so much fun. 

This DIY stress ball has a squishy soft texture that kids will love squeezing to calm down, soothe themselves, or just play with. Oh, and these aren’t just great for kids, my husband, and I are addicted to these squeeze balls too!



  • Funnel

  • Balloons

  • Rice, Cornstarch or Flour

  • Scissors

  • Bowl

  • Spoon


  • Approx .50c each ball

  • AGE

  • 2+


STEP 1: 

Spend about 30 seconds stretching out your ballon, then put the balloon opening around the funnel opening. Try to get the funnel as deep into the ballon as you can, so the balloon doesn’t come off.

STEP 2: 

While still holding the balloon opening around the funnel, use your spoon to spoon in your flour ( cornstarch or rice). Carefully pull down on the bottom of the balloon and jiggle the contents so that they fall into the balloon. 

STEP 3: 

Once you have put as much flour as you can into the balloon, carefully take the funnel off and pinch the neck of the balloon. Try to get as much air out of the ballon by pinching the neck and pulling the balloon down. As it comes back up, release a little of the air, and then quickly double knot the ballon. Pull your knot as tight as possible and cut off the excess balloon.

STEP 4: 

Toss them in a basket or bucket, and your kids will have fun playing with them throughout the day.