Macrame Palm Leaf Wall Hanging

Emily DaFoe

This project is one for the older kids. I would say 8 and above. It’s a great way for them to practice mindfulness without even knowing it, as you really have to concentrate on what side you are weaving, as each new line alternates. Not only is it a really calming craft to do, but it’s easy and looks super cute on the wall.


Three different colored cord. We love these three-color combos, but you can choose whatever you like or even do a monochromatic one.


For a larger sized leaf, you’ll need the following precut cord.

·      1 x 30" strand for the center of leaf

·      12 x 16" strands for the top

·      10 x 14" strands for the middle

·       8 x 10" strands for the bottom


STEP 1:   

Fold the 30" strand in half. Loop it around the gold craft circle so it is laying over the top. Tuck it into the back of the circle to make the loop secure to the circle. The is your inner part of the leaf the runs vertically downwards.

STEP 2:   

Now take two of the 14" strands, fold both in half.

STEP 3:   

Take one and tuck the loop side from the left under the spine to the right

STEP 4:    

Now you need to the same thing with the other piece in the opposite direction.  Pull both ends of the strings on. opposite directions to create a square knot around the back bone of the feather.

STEP 5:    

The macramé is back and forth of direction of the knot. So, grab another 2 x 14" strands, fold one in half and insert it to the back in the opposite direction of your first row (to the right). Pull it through and lay it horizontally.

STEP 6:    

Now you need to the same thing with the other piece in the opposite direction (to the left).  Pull both ends of the strings on opposite directions to create a second square knot the sits below your firsts.

STEP 7:    

Push the strands up to tighten and be sure to push the strands up. 

STEP 8:    

Keep repeating until all the pieces have been used – making sure you always start the next row on the opposite side as the one before.

STEP 9:  

After all of the thread is used, give it a trim to make the shape of a leaf. 

STEP 10:

Now it’s time to brush out the macramé cord to make it ‘leaf’ like. We use a good old cat brush. Making sure not to catch the backbone of the leaf or to pull any of the strands off, we gently brushed out the cord. The best thing is to do smaller sections holding the knot with two fingers and brushing the leaf part. You can also do this on a flat surface like a craft table or on the kitchen counter (just make sure it doesn’t scratch your marble!) It takes a while but be patient you’ll soon have your first leaf.

STEP 11:

Now, repeat the steps to make a few more leaves of different sizes. Follow the above suggested framework of pieces but with smaller leaves you’ll obviously need less. We did 4 leaves in total. 1 large, two medium and 1 tiny one.

STEP 12:

Now it’s time for the fabric stiffener. We first used a starch which didn’t work and moved to a hardier fabric stiffener which did the trick. We sprayed a thick layer on the table leaves so they were drenched. We then brushed them gently into position. Let the leaves dry overnight just to be safe.

STEP 13:

Time for another trim to get rid of any stragglers. Because the leaves are hard now it’s much easier to get a sharper outline. So, place on the table and gentle cut the edges.

STEP 14:

Your Macramé Leaf Hanging is ready to hang and enjoy by all the family! Just watch as everyone comments are your little handmade Macramé piece!