Little Hands Keyring: Father's Day Gift

Emily DaFoe

I don't know about you, but every time one of my kids comes home from a trip to daycare, and they do arts and crafts with their little hands, my heart absolutely swells. I always look at photos of their feet or hands as babies (yes, I know, I'm meant to always be in the present lol) and just wonder at how much they've already grown. The feet and hands are markers of the rapid growth we make as little people into bigger little people, into teenage years and into adulthood. And how many cute quotes have you seen over the years about tiny feet and hands? So understandably I thought it would be sweet if we made something with your little people's hand (or footprints). I came across this Shrinky Dinks craft a year ago on a friend's keyring, and I've been wanting to do it since. It's super cute, super easy and the kids loved it, and I'm sure their daddy will too.

NOTE: This craft is done over an entire day.



•    Shrinky Dinks

•    Stamp Pad for kids (under 4) or Paint

•    Paintbrush

•    Sparkling Embossing Powder

•    Permanent Marker

•    Hole Punch

•    Scissors

•    Oven

•    Spatula

STEP 1:    

Gather all your materials on the table. 

STEP 2:    

Pull out one sheet of Shrinky Dink plastic for each child doing the activity.

STEP 3:    

Have the child place their entire hand on the Stamp Pad, or if using paint, grab a paintbrush and paint the color you want onto the child's hand (or foot). You can use one color or get as creative as you want. 

STEP 4:    

Once the entire palm is covered in paint or the stamp, be very careful to press the whole hand onto the Shrinky Dink. Take your hand and apply light pressure to your little one’s hand so that all of the paint or stamp comes in contact with the plastic. Little people need a lot of help as they really want to drag their hand across the plastic. Well, mine did anyway.

STEP 5:    

Sprinkle embossing powder over the wet paint or stamp. Hold the plastic flat and lightly tap under the plastic to bounce the powder across the handprint. 

STEP 6:    

Go outside, or over a garbage bin, turn the plastic over and shake off excess powder.   Let the paint dry completely. I left ours for 8 hours.

STEP 8:    

Once dried, turn over the paint side to face the table and write their name and age with a permeant marker on the base of the hand. 

STEP 9:    

Very carefully not touching the paint (it never completely dries until cured in oven) cut the outline of the hand.

STEP 10:    

Hole punch a hole on the middle finger.

STEP 11:    

Turn the oven and preheat to 325 degrees.

STEP 12:    

Place in oven and bake for 1-3 minutes.

STEP 13:    

This is where it can get more complicated, sometimes the fingers of hands will curl depending on oven and consistency of heat in there. Take out and press the entire hand down with a spatula. You have to be super quick so have the spatula ready to go. You literally have to pull from oven and press to make flat. Shrinky Dinks can be reheated in the oven if you need to. Most of ours worked out well except for one that we needed to reheat and press with spatula.

STEP 14:    

Let it cure for an hour, so the embossing powder sets completely.

STEP 15:    

Once plastic sets, place keyrings ring through the hole in the hand and then you have a gorgeous Father's Day gift that will literally make his heart swoon.