Flower Pressing

Emily DaFoe

I have very fond memories of warm spring days, wandering around the local neighborhood with my big sister, scissors in hand, cutting little ferns, and weed flowers for our homemade flower press: the yellow and white pages, big heavy phone books which are now are a thing of the past. We used newspaper as blotting paper and waited and watched patiently as the weeks past until we knew the flowers would be ready for whatever craft we decided to use them in.

It’s no wonder that when my daughter got a vintage flower press for her Birthday from Grandma, I was over the moon, and way more excited than she was.

Now we used a flower press for this activity, but you really can make your own press at home using heavy books, blotting paper, and pre-slicing a recycled cardboard box. Flowers or leaves or ferns for pressing should be fresh and dry to prevent mold.


•    Flower Press or Heavy Book

•    Absorbent Paper such as blotting or parchment

•    Scissors

•    Cardboard



Go out with your little one and gather your perfect flowers, vegetation, leaves or ferns. My daughter and I had a great morning picking and cutting wildflowers. We literally drove from farm to farm walking around and just connecting with each other and nature.

TIP: Keep them away from direct sunlight to maintain their freshness and try and not bruise or overhand the fragile future artwork.


When you get home, layout your selection of dry flowers and leaves ready for pressing.


Place the flowers and foliage face down in a heavy book lined between two pieces of blotting or parchment paper. Depending on the size of the book, you can press multiple flowers at once. Be sure to space them out a little so that the moisture from one flower doesn’t transfer through to another.


Arrange them how you want them to look when dried then close the book and either weigh down with a few other heavy books.


Change the blotting or parchment sheets every few days. Leave for 2-3 weeks. After this time the flowers will be dry.


Check back in a few weeks to Present Day Moms, to check out our next installment of Flower Pressing where we make gratitude cards to help spark even more mindfulness with your little ones