Fall Wreath

Emily DaFoe

What better way to kick off the holiday season by glamming up your front door with a FALL WREATH made from foraged goods. 

We are fortunate enough to live on an acreage with an abundance of fruit trees, so we had fun wandering around the property looking for the perfect items to add to our wreaths. 

You can use any type of greenery for your wreaths, from rosemary to olive branches, to pomegranate branches, to lemon branches - with the fruit on and all! Add some dried wheat, or dried corn stems, and a bow, and you’ll have the prettiest door in the neighborhood.  



  • Greenery.

  • Dried flowers, wheat, dried corn

  • Found items (old Christmas decorations, antlers, feathers)

  •  Pruners

  • Wire (green & silver)

  • Thick wired ribbon

  • Wire cutters

  • Green florist tape

  • Metal Form - we used an old wine barrel ring

  • Double-sided florist tape


Approx $15




STEP 1: 

We opted to decorate half of our wine barrel form so that the rest of the aged barrel ring can be on display. Start by arranging one side of your greenery, dried flowers, and found items into a pretty bunch. Once you have placed them in the position that you like, use the florist tape and wrap it around the end of the bundle multiple times to secure the bundle together. Do the same to the other side, doing your best to make it a mirror image of your first side. Trim back any stray branches or leaves. You can also opt to use your metal wire to secure the branches closer to the bundle.

STEP 2: 


Once you have both bundles ready, place them evenly on the inner side of the form so that the bottom of the bundles are touching. Use your metal wire and wrap the bundles around the form multiple times, securing them in place. If your bundles are a little wonky at the top, you can use some double-sided florist tape and tape the inside of your bundles to the form to give it extra support. 

STEP 3: 

Tie a big BOW over the area where the ends of the bundles have been wired to the form. This will ensure the messy wire has been covered with a pretty bow. Fluff your bow and your FALL WREATH is now ready to hang. 


Don’t forget adult supervision is required when kids are handling pruners and/or wire cutters.