Crafts and crowns


Crowns are a fun and whimsical way to get crafty with your kids. I love watching my daughter pretend play when she puts on a flower crown. It’s almost as if the crown has secret powers, trees become fairy lands, she becomes the princess, and I become the Queen (of course). The great thing about making crowns and flower crowns is that you can almost find everything you need at home. We collect feathers, shells, flowers, rocks and have little piles around the house. I rummaged through our Christmas decorations and gathered up our piles of ‘found things’ to create a crown fit for the princess of Neverland. 

My son is a real ‘boys boy,’ and declines to have flowers on his head. However, we were still able to create a magical crown for him by leaving out the flowers and adding more shells and feathers to his crown. 



Approximately $6 for the wire and ribbon


Approximately 30 minutes



Measure out your wire 2 lengths in diameter around your child’s head. 


Wrap your wire around your greenery, adding to the greenery every few inches so that the length of your greenery lines up with your wire. Remeasure the crown around your child’s head and join the ends to create a circle.  

STEP 3 :    

For Girls: Start adding your flowers in little bunches. Use small portions of wire to hold them in place. Be mindful to keep the ‘pokie’ edges on the outside of the crown. During this process we used crystals (that were already attached to wire from last years Christmas wreath), and we added them to my bunches of flowers. We completed the arrangement with a peacock feather in the middle of the crown to give it more drama. 

For Boys: We pulled apart the same wreath making ornament and used its pre-wired gold leaves and positioned them around the crown. For the middle of the crown we made a feather bouquet and tied it with wire and then positioned it in the center of the crown. We then drilled two holes in a shell and thread wire through the shell to hold it in place. 

STEP 4:  

For Girls: Use your ribbon to tie a bow to the side of your crown and wrap the ribbon all around the back of the crown until it meets the other side and then secure with another bow. 

For Boys: Cut up your old t.shirt into strips, and tie the strips together to create a long ‘ribbon’. Thread the ‘ribbon’ through the holes of your shell, evenly distributing the ribbon so that the shell marks the half-way mark. Start wrapping the strips around the crown, and finish by tying a knot to secure your ribbon to the crown. 


Have fun with your crown, you can cover it entirely with flowers or opt to make a partial crown as I have. My kids don’t enjoy the ‘pokiness’ of crowns so I have learnt over time that threading ribbon softens the crown for their royal heads.

Start collecting ‘found items’ with your kids when you go on walks, and before you know if you will have an abundance of feathers, shells, rocks and gems to add to your crown.