Backpack Charms

Emily DaFoe

The new school year can be very daunting for a kid, so we like to bring the excitement of the coming year by crafting items that the kids can take along to school with them. 

Backpack charms are a cute and easy way for your kids to accessorize their backpacks with their individual style. 



Figurines, Small Toys, Cars (we dug through our toy box and picked out a special car, along with some unique small toys) 

  • Drill

  • Wire

  • Wire Cutters

  • Beads

  • Ribbon or String

  • Key Chain Ring


Approx $5 




STEP 1: 

Have your child/children dig through their toy boxes and pick out a couple of small items that you can use as the main ‘centerpiece’ on their key charm. My kids chose a little toy car and small plastic animal figurines. 

STEP 2: 

Use a small drill bit to drill holes in your toys. (This requires supervision). 

STEP 3: 

Attach a piece of wire to your key ring, leave enough room so that there is a loop for the wire to move freely around the key ring. (You do this so the keyring can easily thread onto the zipper). 

STEP 4: 

Thread your beads and your toy through the wire. Leave enough space to knot the end of your wire by bringing it back up past two or three of the threaded beads, and twist the end around the wire. This will leave a small loop. 

STEP 5: 

Attach ribbon or thread to the loop that you just created to create a tassel. We circled a bunch of twine around our hands to make them the same length, we then tied one end of the bundle to the loop, and then we cut the other end of the bundle. By doing it this way, the tassel was an even length. 

STEP 6: 

Attach the key charm to the zipper of your child’s backpack. 


Let your creativity run wild. We used recycled beads and recycled toys. You can find most of the items in your home.