REAL TALK: Jaye Ganibi

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REAL TALK: Jaye Ganibi


There is no horsing around with this mama! Jaye Ganibi, mom to Sunny (8) and Oakley (6) runs one of the hottest must-do’s the Santa Ynez Valley has to offer, Vino Vaqueros Horseback Riding! While tourists flock to the Estelle Vineyard to ride through the vines and rolling hills, Jaye makes sure that no stone is unturned and that the operation is seamless. From feeding to wrangling, saddling to mucking, Jaye is on it!

We love talking to moms who own and operate their own successful businesses to get tips, info, and insight into how everyone manages life. We recently sat down with Jaye to ask her some of our favorite questions:

 Lets just go for it, what is your biggest motherhood challenge”

Balance! Motherhood is about the biggest catch 22 there is in my opinion. On one hand, if your “full time” job is motherhood (which it is regardless of your side hustle ;)) then women tend to lose themselves and forget who they are, and who they once were before children, which can lead to resent and depression. On the other hand, too much work outside of the home can create chaos because nothing else gets done (unless you have a “manny” at home, but let’s face it, that’s a million to one chance). When this happens,  in comes the resent again, and instead of taking the time to be present with your children you are doing domestics-BALANCE!

What are some of your favorite thing to do with kids:

Anything outside away from responsibilities that I might have for work or home. This includes-riding, fishing, nature walks, swimming, picnics-these are all my favorite things 

Do you feel like you need to be more present and engaged with your children?


How do you practice being present?

Lately I have made an effort (don’t tell my “business partner”) to leave the business phone behind when I am with the kids. I make it a point for them to see me do it, not because of the business but I also want them to see the phones can STAY home and the world won’t explode. 

 Are you a tech free family? How do you monitor screen time and technology?

Luckily my kid’s aren’t super into screen time, I know they would be if allowed, but we have fought it pretty hard. It’s definitely tough because they see me on email, phone calls, and I also run the social media as well. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t catch them taking the phones and looking at Instagram! We make it a point at meals to have music only. No phones, and definitely no TV. It kind of blows my mind that people watch TV during dinner. My family growing up did and it’s appalling. 

If you had any tips for moms, what would you recommend?

Moms take heed. If you don’t need to make your life more chaotic please don’t. I see a lot of moms taking on way too much that don’t need to. Right now I work weekends, and it sucks. I miss so much of my kid’s activities and important family time that people often wonder if I even exist! I am only doing this now because I HAVE to and trust me when I can be available on weekends I am out of there! During the week, however, I am there for them and I am SO grateful for this. Yes, there are days I take them to meeting, managing the barn and they have even guided rides with me, They also know when the “Vino phone” rings they have to be as quiet as a mouse-which doesn’t always happen. So I say to moms-if you are living a comfortable life financially or even with a little struggle do your kids a favor and please raise them. Wait until they are out of the house to create chaos if that’s your jam. These times are soooo precious and once they’re gone that’s it. Remember to that resentful moms raise resentful kids-Kids don’t want crazy moms, they want happy ones