REAL TALK: Courtney Adamo

Emily DaFoe

For some of you mamas out there, Courtney Adamo needs no introduction, but for others who may have more self-control on social media feed; we would like to introduce you to this amazing woman. Mother to 5 beautiful children, Courtney and her husband Michael uprooted their life in London and set out for an 18-month adventure across the globe with 4 kids (and one in the belly) in tow. Today, the Adamo family is setting solid roots in Byron Bay, Australia and creating a pretty beautiful life along the way!

As a true mompreneur, Courtney has been blogging for 12 years with Babyccino, and has just launched a beautifully curated e-course focused on family and lifestyle called In The Loop. We were thrilled to talk with Courtney and get some sound tips on how this busy gal keeps it all together, and how she came up with the brilliant idea behind In The Loop - which starts on October 7th.

Who are your small folk?

We were just comparing heights last night with our kids, and it won’t be long before our eldest is taller than I am (and the other two are not far behind him)! So… they’re not all so small anymore! :) But I have five kids — three boys and two girls: Easton (14), Quin (12), Ivy (10), Marlow (6) and Wilkie (2). 

As a mother of 5, how do take out time for yourself?

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realised how important ‘me’ time is. I find that I’m a much more patient mother and more understanding wife if I’ve taken time for myself. Surfing is my favourite form of ‘me’ time. It’s so good for the mind and the body! We are lucky to live so near the ocean, so as long as the winds and the swell are in our favour, surfing is an easy thing to squeeze into our days. It’s just about making it a priority. 

From a toddler to a teenager, how do you carve out time so each of them feels they are getting their individual mama time?

I get asked this question a lot! I think people assume you have to carve out big chunks of one-on-one time for each of your children in order for them to feel that connection. For us it’s not about specifically carving out time, but more about the little moments throughout the day where I check in with each of my kids. Reading books to Wilkie before naps. Braiding Ivy’s hair in the morning before school. Chatting with Quin every morning at breakfast time before the rest of the kids wake up. Lately I’ve been helping Easton with a school project, so we’ve been spending an hour or so every evening working together. I think it’s about taking advantage of those often mundane moments to connect with your kids, ask questions, listen and be present. I also think it’s important to have a larger awareness and keep mental notes about your kids. If one of my children starts to act out or become more grumpy, then perhaps that child needs a bit of extra time and attention.

After traveling the globe with your family, what was the most challenging thing about relocating to a foreign country with your family, and how did your children adapt?

We actually didn’t find it too challenging! We were lucky because we got to choose where we wanted to live based on our travels. We spent nearly 18 months travelling, so we essentially got to test out life in different spots around the globe. We chose Byron because we knew it resonated with us all and it ticked so many boxes for our family. It was a really easy transition to settle here. After 18 months of homeschooling, we worried the kids might find it difficult to go back to a classroom, but even that was an easy transition for them. I think kids are so resilient, more resilient than we often think! 

What are your favorite things to do with your kids?

I feel so lucky that we all love the beach and we have a mutual love of surfing. Nothing makes me happier than when I’m out in the surf sharing the waves with my children! 

As a family, we also really enjoy travelling. I’d have to say our happiest moments as a family have been during our travels, whether it’s a local camping weekend or a big trip to Europe. 

On a more day to day basis, I also love being home with my kids, cooking dinner together, sitting down at the dinner table and talking about our day. It’s chaotic and loud with five kids in our house, but I love it! 

You recently launched an e-course called The Loop. How did that come about, and what inspired you to create it?

I have been blogging for more than 12 years now at Babyccino, and I’ve been on Instagram for around 7 years, so I’ve been lucky to connect with parents from all over the world through these platforms. It’s been an incredible way to share and receive ideas on parenting, travel, food, style and so many other topics. But… through these channels, you can only go so deep and it can be difficult to interact in a really meaningful, authentic way. I guess the idea for the e-course stemmed from this desire to want to create a space for a like-minded community to gather online — a place where we could raise topics, share tips and experiences, and connect more deeply. 

I decided to divide the course up into five different topics: Family, Home, Food, Travel and Lifestyle. We spend a week exploring each topic and sharing our collective experiences. Not only do I share my lessons and tips, but I share interviews with experts, share links to relevant podcasts and articles, and I encourage a bigger conversation amongst everyone in the community. It’s been such a fun way to connect with people from all over the world in this more intimate way. 

How do you practice being present with your family while juggling your businesses?

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to juggle the two things. As with so many things in life, it’s all about your mindset, and for me one of the best things I can do is remind myself what a privilege it is that I get to do this juggle. I love being a mother and I also love wearing my entrepreneurial hat and focusing on my business. The juggling trick for me is about prioritising my time and trying to be really present in each role. When I’m with my kids, I try not to open my computer or be on my phone. Equally, when I’m in ‘work mode’, I try to focus on the work and be as efficient as I can. I’m also a big believer in writing things down. If I’m feeling overwhelmed with work, I usually feel so much better after writing a list of things I need to do and just working on one task at a time. 

Follow Courtney’s motherhood journey over on instagram @courtneyadamo.

Registration for The Loop ends in a few days so head over and sign up!

I took the last course, and loved it. There were amazing tips, insight, and interviews with some very cool and talented women. I hope you are able to participate and join The Loop! xx Emily