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REAL TALK: Janna Ferner-Bell

Janna Ferner-Bell is a fabulous new mamma + boss lady combined. She works as the Director of Production at one of the most impressive event production companies in the USA @thisismkg. One look at her in the streets of NYC, and you’d know she is the real deal. If you were to see her and her husband on a street corner with their new bundle of joy; son Zeke, you’d think she was like every other new mamma and papa. However, she and her man had a unique journey to parenthood by adopting Zeke.


HONEST TALK: My Little, Itty, Bitty, Self-Soothing Addict.

I remember the first time I noticed my Little One (LO) rubbing herself. Only 9 months old, sitting eating peas and carrots on highchair. I turned around, and there was a doe-eyed baby gently bouncing up and down against the leg divider on the highchair. I called little one's name, and there was no response. The LO was mesmerized. I went over and gently touched her shoulder, and suddenly she snapped out of it. I thought it was a bit unusual but didn't think much more about it.


KIDS CRAFT: Halloween Pumpkins

Our favorite season is here: FALL!

With its changing hues of yellow, orange, and red, and the anticipation of the holiday season, I get so excited kicking off fall with the age-old tradition of decorating pumpkins.

Pumpkin decorating does not have to be scary. There are SO many ways to decorate a pumpkin. Here are my top 3, ranging from easy to hard.

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KIDS OUTDOORS: Pumpkin Patch Decorating Party

This year, we made the pumpkin patch even more special by having a Pumpkin Patch Decorating Party. Because some of our littles are just too little to carve and cut up a pumpkin, we wanted to show them that their imaginations could still run wild, just without a knife, and outside where they could be free to get a little messy and be inspired by the environment around them.


KIDS KITCHEN: Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Here is a super cute and delicious cupcake recipe that will keep the kids engaged and excited as we count down to the scariest day of the year!

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